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Easy road-tripping!

Priti Noronha

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Every once in a while you wish to pack your packs, get a few friends along and go on a long road trip to a beach destination or a hill station. While in the movies this may be the norm, in real life travelling by road requires some basic planning and groundwork. Here are a few trips to make your road trip an awesome one.

1.     Proper documentation: Check your car papers, your car insurance and make sure you opt for 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

2.     Car condition: Before your journey, make sure your car is in prime condition; the tires are properly inflated and the engine is working smoothly.

3.     Fuel up: Make sure you have a full tank when you start on your trip. Also don’t wait till your gas gauge is sitting on E to refuel as there may be no gas station for miles. 

4.     Be fully rested: If you are the designated driver make sure you have had at least seven hours of sleep for two consecutive nights so you are well rested.

5.      Stock up: Even if you decide to make frequent stops along the way, make sure that you stock up on water, snacks and some basic medicines.

6.     Road trip mix: Make a playlist of your favourite songs so that the journey does not seems long and boring.

7.     Take breaks: Get out of the car and stretch for a while. Even better, share driving responsibilities with your friends.

8.     Be safe: Do not drink the previous night so that you have a clear head and do not drink and drive as well.

So follow these steps to ensure that you have a safe and an enjoyable trip!

Happy journey!


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