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Simple tips for Driving during Night or Night Driving

Oviya Balan

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The beautiful night journey could sometime be dreadful. They are known as Night Driving Terrors. We are glad to give our beloved readers some simple tips to avoid any terrifying driving experiences during their night journey.

Let’s begin,

1. Wear the right eye-wear:

In the current world, three out of five human beings have viewing concerns. Hence it’s advised to either wear proper spectaculars or lens to avoid any blurry times. Also, if you like wearing sunglasses at night to avoid the glaring light from other vehicles, advising you to not choose the yellow-tinted sunglasses but choose the ones with the best anti-reflective coating.

2. Aim your headlights:

Sometimes even new vehicles have unevenly pointed headlights. It is important to point your headlights to the correct angle to ensure a safe journey. Make sure to not blinding the opposite traffic. If the plastic covering your headlamp is covered in dust or tinted over the time, it is recommended to use polish over it to remove the haze and ensure a bright night trip. Also make sure that the incandescent light bulb emits same amount of light as it did when being new. The aged bulbs are expected to emit lesser light than the new ones.

3. Dim your Dashboard Light:

It is proven that your eyes find it tough to constantly adjusting to the dashboard light and the light outside. Cars do come with dashboard dimmer switches. Dimming dash lights are capable of removing reflections on the windshield thus allowing your eyes to adjust better to the darkness ahead, improving night time visibility.

4. Stop staring at oncoming lights:

Bright lights can have a serious disrupting effect on your concentration while driving at night. It is normal for anyone to get distracted by a sudden glaring light while being between the dim dashboard light and the outside darkness. It’s recommended to turn your gaze away from other lights on the road, and don't look at oncoming high beams, thus ensuring a harmless travel time. Whether it’s a car coming towards your direction or the one behind you, it’s your responsibility to look away or adjust your rear view to get the bright lights or reflections away from your eyes.

5. Wipe the Windshield:

Often windshield looks cleaner during the day and start showing the dirt and streaks in the night. Try not to touch the insides of your windshield, side windows, and mirrors with your hand. Avoid using hands even if you just wanted to wipe the mist off. The oil from our skin will smear and let the light glare while shining through any of these places. It is recommended to use a newspaper, cotton or microfiber cloth in your disposal for this cleaning or wiping purpose.

We hope these simple tips help you have a trouble-free night journey. Make sure to keep yourself safe and secure.

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