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Can Your Car Handle The Heat?

Oviya Balan

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Now that winter is a fading memory, it’s a good time to ask you whether your car or truck is ready for road when the summer heat is on.

1. Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent summer travel issues.

2. Air conditioning check

Auto air conditioning systems do not require routine maintenance, but a system that is operating marginally is more likely to fail in hot weather.

3. Service your battery

Summer heat breaks down car battery internally and accelerates corrosion on the terminals.

4. Windshield Wash and Wiper Fluid

If your wipers leave streaks or cannot clear the windshield in one swipe they should be replaced. Also check the windshield fluid and top it off.

5. Tire inflation and condition

Make sure all tyres are inflated to the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and inspect tread depth and overall condition.

6. Check belts hoses and fluids

Replace accessory drive belts that are cracked glazed or frayed, as well as coolant hoses that are visibly worn, brittle, bulging or excessively soft.

7. Prepare and plan ahead

Map out driving routes and be prepared for busy roads during the popular travel times.

8. Emergency roadside kit

Have a kit with mobile phone and car charger, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first aid kid, drinking water, extra snacks/food for your travelers and your pets, battery booster cables, and emergency flares or reflectors.

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