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Best Checklist for Car Maintenance

Oviya Balan

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If you are our regular reader, then our obsession to car maintenance might not come as a surprise to you. In our previous posts we have explained about what are the best ways to maintain your car and how are they importance to your car’s health and performance. In this post, we will explain you the most important checklists while doing Car Maintenance.

So based on our recommended timely servicing practices, we will provide you our best checklist options.

Check Each Month

Oil Level – Add oil if low and check for leaks

Hoses - Replace if bulging, rotten or brittle.

Belts – Replace if worn, frayed or glazed.

Tire Pressure – Add air if low

Air Filter – Replace if dirty

Tires – Inspect tires for leaks, damage, bulges or uneven wear.

Check Every 3 Month

Oil and Oil Filter – Change every 5000 km.

Windshield Washes Fluid – Add fluid if low.

Battery and Power Steering Fluid – Add Fluid if low

Brake Fluid – Add fluid if low

Transmission Fluid – Add fluid if low

Battery Terminals and Cables – Clean if corroded.

Check Every 6 Month

Wiper Blades – Replace if worn, brittle or smeary

Lights – Make sure headlights, brake lights and turn signals work.

Horn – Make sure horn works properly.

Brakes – Inspect Brakes for wear and tear or slippage.

Exhaust – Inspect Exhaust system for rust, damage or loose parts.

Shock Absorbers – Inspect shock absorbers for oil seepage or wear.

If you are not a big fan of a calendar, then we give you checklist based on the distance travelled.

Every 5000 kilometers

- Change oil & Filter

- Lubricate chassis

- Check Fluids

- Check tire pressure

- Check all belts and hoses.

Every 15000 kilometers

- Change oil and filter

- Lubricate chassis

- Replace all filters (Including air/fuel/PVC Filter)

- Check brakes and wheel bearings

- Check and adjust valves.

- Replace plugs/points/rotor and all emission items.

- Check all belts & hoses.

- Inspect cooling system and fluid for cleanliness.

- Check temperature for engine thermostat.

- Look over vehicle for leaks and other problems.

Every 30000 kilometers

- Bleed Brakes to renew fluid and remove contamination from normal wear and tear.

- Drain cooling systems, radiators, engine block and all heater related components.

- De- scale as necessary and inspect tubes in radiator for cleanliness.

- Replace automatic transmission fluid.

- Check filter, clean screen and magnets.

Every 80000 kilometers

- Check/ adjust pocket-style valves.

Every 80000 kilometers

- Replace oil in manual transmission

- Replace oil in automatic transmission

- Replace oil in differentials and transfer case.

Every 100000 kilometers

- Replace rubber timing belts on camshafts.

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