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A Thrilling Road Trip to Remember

Oviya Balan

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Traveling is something everyone loves and aspires to do very often. Some people are working in corporate jobs or government jobs where there are hectic schedules and deadlines to meet and you can’t think of spending time with family & friends.

People tend to make sudden plans for weekends. Traveling is exciting & fun as we leisure time to relax and chill. But before making any eleventh hour plans people should lookout for a systematic plan rather than just doing everything too late.

All we need is the plan, the road map, & the courage to press on to your destination said Earl Nightingale rightly.

Planning everything well in advance is always helpful &convenient. Right after deciding the place where you are heading for the weekend one should start with packing the baggage.

As it is a task which tends to exert a lot of time.

The next errand will be to prepare the map or routes for the destination. As sometimes roads lead to plenty of sections that are under construction, resulting in patches of broken roads with the occasional bottleneck.

Third and the last will be to check your car before you buckle up your seatbelts & get everything set for the weekend trip.

Being a responsible traveller you should make sure you have to get your vehicle maintenance done. It is your job to oversee everything like fuel check, spare wheel in case of a flat tire, tire pressure, etc.

Just like the last time when Mr. Kale and his family planned a trip to Lonawala and in the middle of nowhere around midnight their car broke down on the highway. They were left clueless as they couldn’t find any local service station OR garage nearby.

That’s when their colleague who is a frequent traveller, called TVS Auto Assist and within an hour or so, the technician arrived at breakdown spot and checked the car completely & repaired it briskly.

Mr. Kale and his family were satisfied and happy with TVS Auto Assist quick service and that is why they always recommend to everyone going on road trips, if their vehicle needs any repair or assistance during an emergency, the TVS Auto Assist team be there to help you.

We all love traveling and we make multiple plans to travel around the world or within the country. Dream itinerary is something everyone is interested to share with.

TVS Auto Assist ensures customers with hassle-free driving at fingertips. To provide timely help in times of your emergency, whenever you get stranded on the road due to breakdowns or accidents, or any unfortunate occurrences.

The main focus of TVS Auto Assist is to make your car roadworthy with quicker on-site repairs.


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