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7 things you need to do before buying a car

Oviya Balan

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New-year is just few days away! Planning to start 2020 with a new purchase? Then you are at the right place. Below are the 7 major steps to take before purchasing a car of your liking.

1. Know your need

2. Have a budget

3. Do right research

4. Find the top dealers or outlets that provide best bids

5. Test-drive the car. Discover your comfort.

6. Get other’s opinion

7. Add our contact details to your phone

Know your need

It’s always necessary to know your need. Why do you need this vehicle? What is the purpose?

Want to have a family trip every weekend?

Want to use it just for work?

Want to make it a kid’s van?

What else?

Make sure you know the need and the purpose of the car in your life. Only then you will make a good purchase decision.

Have a budget

It is not enough if you know your need alone. You must also understand your spending capacity. It will make no sense if you can afford only so much but your need surpasses your capacity. That will only disappoint you in the long run. Hence have a balanced knowledge on both and plan a proper budget.

Do the right research

Now that your budget is set, get your Sherlock hats on and start investigating or researching every aspect of the cars. Make sure they match your needs, budget, and other specific expectations. Make sure you get data from the reliable resources be it online or offline. Do not go ahead taking decisions with any biased opinions. Make sure you have the best research done.

Find the top dealer outlets that provide best bids

There are many dealers in our country who offer different bids and offers on each car. It’s important your research continues to find the best dealers too. Make sure you understand the different offers and their uses in the long run. Do not take any decision in haste.

Test Drive the car and discover your comfort

Always test drive the cars you like. It’s alright if you love the car and if you just want to get done with the purchase already. Always test drive the car to understand whether or not you find comfort. There are also chances that you may not like a car too much but the public opinion is against it. So try test driving those cars too. We may not know, you might end up loving it too.

Get Other’s opinion:

I am sure you would have done this before going to the dealers, but there is no harm in doing it again. Ask everyone you trust for their honest view on your chosen models.

Add our contact details to your phone:

Now that you are done choosing, make sure of one thing - Always stay connected with TVS Auto Assist. Whenever you need best servicing, breakdown assistance, timely support during emergencies; we will be at your service. Having serviced over 1 million cars, we will be more than happy to have you added to our fabulous family.

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