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5 Best Steps to get your car ready for a road trip

Oviya Balan

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It’s that time of the year, when the nice mildly cold weather makes you want to go on a road trip with your beloved. Every time we decide to go on a long road trip, we tend to spend more time on planning and packing.

Does our planning always include checking the car? Sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t.

It is annoying when your car frustrates in your own neighborhood. Why let it scare you and bring your fun down when you are far away from home? Your family and friends are counting on you for both fun and safety. So, let’s make sure their expectations are met.

Below are the best steps to get your car ready for any road trip,

1. Check your car:

Do a complete vehicle checkup at least a week before you start your long road trip. Get your trusted mechanic or service advisor to do complete check from filters to brakes. Make sure they are all in good condition.

2. Do a complete car service:

If your car health checkup report says your car is not in a good condition, which means it requires a proper complete service to be done. Hence, without any further wait, get it serviced. Sometimes even a minor issue could cause major issues. From air filter, coolant filter, oil filters to brakes, gears and clutch issues, get everything serviced. From windshield wipers to door locks, get everything checked. Once they are sorted, you can begin your long fun road journey.

3. Spares and Other Specifics:

There is no harm in being over prepared for certain conditions. So in spite of getting the complete servicing done, it is highly recommended to load your car with the following to avoid any sudden jolts and burden.

-Jumper cables

-Multi Purpose Tools

-Duct Tapes

-Flashlights and Batteries

-Extra set of keys

- Spare Tyres and Car Jack


4. Get your car insured

Having car insurance is crucial as it covers almost all your expenses in the times like roadside accident, vehicle damage or times like injuries to passengers, pedestrians or other drivers. If you have already got your car insured, make sure the coverage is adequate.

5. Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, you might face an unexpected situation on road. It is important to know a trusted road assistance service provider to get timely and reliable service at any given time. Make sure you save our contact details for your use. We, TVS Auto Assist will provide the best Roadside Assistance service and towing service in case of any breakdown emergency. Most of the breakdown emergencies include worries like flat tyre, battery jump start, engine problem, electrical problem and sometimes other minor issues like headlight, windshield wiper repair etc. Roadside accidents could cause severe vehicle emergencies and troubles. TVS Auto Assist, India’s leading Roadside Assistance provider, has got everything covered with our exceptional services. No matter when or where, our trained service providers and equipped towing vehicles are always at your service 24/7.

Not to scare you but it is better to be informed, right? Check out what are the common causes of car accidents? What to do after a car accident?

Also, connect with to know more about our roadside assistance and towing services.


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